About Us

Jean Hare and Robin Key are fashion geeks.

"We met in London. With a mutual fascination for fashion and music we decided to work together writing, designing and manufacturing until eventually we were recording for EMI and showing collections at London Fashion Week and Paris Pret a Porter. One treasured memory is the night Philip Salon hosted a catwalk show at The Astoria in London featuring our designs alongside Vivienne Westwood's."

Orders came from exclusive stores in London's Covent Garden, South Molton St, Kensington High St, Notting Hill and Kings Road, Chelsea, Japan's Shibuya Ku district, New York's Saks Fifth Avenue and boutique stores in Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Barcelona.

Famous customers included Annie Lennox, Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Paula Abdul, Erasure's Andy Bell and Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.

After garnering many press plaudits the onslaught on High St. fashion by the likes of Primarni eventually led to Key&Hare reassessing and moving into bespoke bridal fashion. In Robin's words " .. the last vestige of an attainable couture experience on the High Street."

With lockdown time on her hands, Jean decided to revisit her first loves, pattern cutting, fabrics and graphics.

The results are the first small collection of exclusive FASHION items 

Available through this website and soon to be available in a small number of retail outlets.

FASHION - jackets, blouses, skirts, jeans and belts.

So much fashion is made to be disposable, mass produced thousands of miles away using questionable labour practices, resulting in the decline of the UK fashion industry.

The answer - a small capsule collection made from UK sourced and produced materials wherever possible, slow fashion items, locally produced to reduce waste for a sustainable low carbon footprint.

While not exactly offering a made to measure service, Key & Hare size their collections for 4 different categories of body shape, adjusted for 4 different body types.

GROUP 1 (JEAN) - Jean is 5'2" tall and sometimes finds hem and body lengths to be too long.

GROUP 2 (ANNETTE) - Annette is 5'6" tall and finds that most things fit just right.

GROUP 3 (MELODIE) -  Melodie is 5'9" tall and she sometimes has a problem with hem and body lengths but can just about get away with it most of the time.

GROUP 4 (JANICE) - Janice is 6'1" tall and likes to wear high heels. She finds hem, body and sleeve lengths are often too short.

Each group is available in sizes 6 to 28 

All of our collections are produced to order. We don't carry vast amounts of stock which helps to reduce our carbon footprint - so you may have to wait a little longer for your item to be produced, but we think it will be worth the wait.



Thank you for ordering Key & Hare